Jacen Tracie Wonton


The hero-by-default of the story. After being pulled into his video game "Mark of Portent" he was passed on the power of the "Sacred Eye." Now he must play through this game in order to find his way home. Though sarcastic and a bit goofy, Jacen's experiences playing RPGs give him a good idea of what's going on around him.


The main heroine and Jacen's best friend, she was pulled into the game along side Jacen. Tracie's main objective is to keep Jacen from getting too caught up in his role of hero and keep him focused on getting home.


The bizzare Chinese shop keep who sold Jacen the "Mark of Portent" video game. Wonton is the sole owner of "The Traveling Shoppe," a mysterious shop which can turn up anywhere and everwhere and which usually holds some important item for Jacen and Tracie.

Deus Ex Machina General Falcon Dean Warbold

Deus Ex Machina

A mysterious, cloaked figure who appeared soon after Jacen and Tracie's arrival claiming to have brought them here on a great quest. He is the physical manifestion of "plot twists" and is frequently throwing odd curves into the heroes' adventure. Some time after encountering DEM, Jacen and Tracie learned that DEM is a part of the Emperor's personal entourage, bringing into question the cloaked figures loyalties and his true intentions.


The meanacing general and supreme commander over the Emperor's armies, Falcon is pursing Jacen in hopes of obtaining the "Sacred Eye" from him. Though it is unclear why he desires the "Sacred Eye," he will destroy anyone and everyone that stands in his way of obtaining it.


The recently promoted Dean of Hagworts School of Magic; Warbold is a powerful, if effimenate, wizard. Though it was Warbold who helped Jacen and Tracie earn their Hagworts Student ID and stood up for them before the previous Dean, his tempermental nature means his helpfulness could quickly turn against them.

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Pictue Coming Soon

Emperor Conrad

Supreme Emperor over all the land, Conrad has tasked his armies with finding the one who bears the Sacred Eye. Though his sanity seems to come and go, this once peaceful ruler possesses great power. Conrad keeps a small group of personal advisors in his employ to help run his empire, including General Falcon and Deus Ex Machina. But the question remains, is Conrad truly evil or merely the puppet of some darker power?


Cassandra, called Cass by her friends, is a mysterious woman whose eyes are hidden beneath a blindfold. Though she cannot see with her physical eyes, her clairvoyance allows her to see not only the present, but the future as well. Little else is known about Cassandra, except that she is one of the most trusted of the Emperor's advisors.


Minor Characters


The Heroes The Ellyptian Lance Corporal Pidgey

The Heroes

The original heroes of the game, who were slain by Falcon after Jacen and Tracie's arrival. Jacen took on the abilities of the Bard, and Tracie the abilites of the Witch. Jacen also received the Sacred Eye from the Hero before he died.

The Ellyptian

A mysterious old man, speaking only in ellipses, who appears in the town of Obscurity to give Jacen directions on where to procede next.

Lance Corporal Pidgey

A rather inept soldier in the Imperial Armies that has somehow found himself under General Falcon's command, and often in the path of Falcon's anger.

Lockjaw Mukalukahakaschwaka Karla


A powerful creature created by Falcon to fight in realtime, as opposed to a turn-based system.. Lockjaw confronted Jacen and Tracie at the end of the Mountain Pass leading to Hagworts, and nearly won.


Pronounced Moo-ka-loo-ka-hock-ah-shwa-ka, or "Muk" for short, this tiki-masked gnome was the first creature summoned by Jacen. Muk was summoned while fighting Lockjaw, and appeared to be the result of a limit break caused by the large amounts of damage Jacen had taken.


A beautiful witch that Jacen and Tracie first encountered upon arriving in Hagworts. She later reappeared as a competitor in the Hagwort's Beauty pageant, beating out Tracie for the crown.

The Librarian Dean Smythe The Narc

The Librarian

An orangutan and unquestioned head of the Hagworts library, the Librarian was responsible for sending Jacen and Tracie to meet Dean Smythe and retained their books for them until they could acquire a Student ID.

Dean Smythe

Dean Smythe is the Head of Hagworts University and a very powerful wizard. Ever the bureaucrat, the Dean does little to help Jacen and Tracie in their quest to get a Student ID; but is quick to anger when he learns they cheated in the school's Scholarship Pageant.

The Narc

A geeky student enrolled at Hagworts University who, after overhearing that Jacen illegally entered and won the school Scholarship Pageant, immediately reports Jacen to the Dean.

Story and Characters created by: Jacen Price
Art and Drawings provided by Tracie Schmidt
Mark of Portent and its related properties are © 2001 - 2005 J. Price and T. Schmidt.