Welcome to our Artwork section. Here you can find all of our "Behind the Scenes Comics" as well as any filler art we have used. You can also see some of the artwork created for us by our fans.


Offical Art and Filler Comics

Mark of Portent: Behind the Scenes:

Not Flinty
We May Need A Referee
The Dedicated Artist
Pip the Tech Guy
Happy Birthday
Jacen's Hard Work
Muk's Return
MoP Return Teaser
MoP: To Be Continued...
The Flinty Cake Incident
Santa's Helpers

The Portent Wars Fillers:
All Star Wars characters and images are copywrite LucasFilm Ltd.

Part 1 - The Veil of the Darkside
Part 2 - A Joyride with Obi-Wan
Part 3 - The Face Off
Part 4 - Yoda Tells All

"Notes" by Tracie Schmidt

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Generic Filler and Art:

Dead Tracie Day #1
For Guam
Pageant Delays
Tracie's Revenge
Jacen's Tricycle
Tracie's Status Report
Darth DEM

Character Art:

Concept Art #1: Alice
Concept Art #2: Flint McFeegelson

Fan-Submitted Art and Comics

Fan Art Submissions:

Tracie by Spiff
DEM by Spiff
Falcon by Isi
Tracie by Isi
Payback by Spiff

Fan Comic Submissions:

Guest Art: Task Master Jacen by Heather
Super Mark of Portent by Spiff
Every Man's Revenge by Surftxtc
Jacen the Hedgehog by Spiff
A Real Man by Chester Keasberry

Story and Characters created by: Jacen Price
Art and Drawings provided by Tracie Schmidt
Mark of Portent and its related properties are © 2001 - 2005 J. Price and T. Schmidt.